• Rumor: Apple to Adopt NVIDIA Ion Platform

    This rumor is somewhat controversial, but a PC enthusiast website and supposedly an NVIDIA partner is saying that Apple will refresh the Mac mini in March and will use NVIDIA's Ion platform, which pairs NVIDIA's 9400M system controller and integrated GPU with Intel's low power Atom processor.

    The site, Tom's Hardware, says:

    "An Nvidia partner confirmed to us that Apple was the first to receive samples of Nvidia's Ion platform, which we covered extensively during CES. In fact, Apple received prototype units long before Nvidia partners who opted to work on Ion. We're told that some partners still only have blue prints of Ion."

    The rumor also goes that the release will come about the time of the CeBIT computer expo beginning March 3rd in Hanover, Germany. Tom's Hardware also speculates that the Mac mini will remain the same size it is now and be priced about the same, around $500-$700.

    If this rumor comes to fruition than this would be the first time Apple adopts Intel's low-power Atom processor rather than the Core 2 processors found in their notebook computers and the current Mac mini.

    This rumor is controversial because it does not seem like Apple's machines are poised to run off this atom processor. Hackers who have gotten OS X working on Atom-powered netbooks say it's really slow. Others speculate that the refreshed Mac mini will be nothing more than a MacBook logic board in a Time Capsule Case!

    Source: Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About
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