• Most Useless iTunes Accessory Ever

    So I am not sure if you call this an iTunes accessory or "art," but either way I really do not see the point…

    It's called iShelf and it's designed by Li Jianye and it takes the iTunes Cover Flow idea and brings it to real life.

    Don’t think about it too hard: basically it is a stand with 5 slots in it, that holds 5 CDs upright so that they look just like what you'd see in iTunes cover flow. I guess you then set it on a shelf and show it off to all your friends?

    iShelf is still in the "prototype" stages of design because it's oh so complicated…so you cant run out and buy it just yet.

    After seeing this I just have one question: What are CDs? :-D

    Source: Li Jianye's design brings Cover Flow to life | Crave - CNET
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