• Apple NetBook Mock Up

    Here is a MacBook Mini concept design by Isamu Sanada.

    It sure looks a lot like the Vaio P by Sony. It features a 10-inch extra wide screen and tri-folding. Unlike the Vaio P, the MacBook Mini would feature a fold down leaf for a full track pad. This concept design is intended to have the thinness of the MacBook Air.

    However, if Apple actually does ever release a netbook like this you can probably expect them to do like Sony and deny they are releasing a netbook at all…until they do!

    Here are some more pics:

    I like the design…but I hope that Apple comes out with one where the whole screen features mult-touch; then you would not even need the track pad and the spiffy tri-fold design.

    Source: MacBook Mini mock-up is interesting Applification of the netbook concept - Boing Boing Gadgets
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