• Apple Pulls Nvidia Graphics Update

    Just a couple of days ago we told you about the less than full proof Nvidia Graphics Update 2009 intended to fix graphics-related issues with Apple's latest notebooks.

    The update was supposed to improve cursor movement when using the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter with the Mini DisplayPort-enabled MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro made available this past October.

    Apple has now pulled the update just after pushing the patch through to users through its software update system.

    It's being said that the reason the patch was pulled is unclear on account that Apple is being very quiet about all this…but it's kind of a no-brainer why it was pulled – It did not fix the problem!

    Here are just a few user complaints from AppleInsider forums:

    "Just installed the new nvidia.patch from yesterday....but flickering goes on!" – volvr

    "I downloaded the update today and regret that I did. The problem for me is now worse. I cannot use my external samsung 22inch monitor on extended desktop mode, only mirror mode, and that is not helpful to me. In extended mode it goes black for extended times, flicking on occasionally to remind me that its there still."-allanlance

    Hmmmm…no wonder Apple quietly pulled the patch…You can see for yourself the SEVERE flickering in the video.

    Source: AppleInsider | Apple pulls NVIDIA graphics update, reasons unclear
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