• New iMacs on Their Way?

    The aging iMac line looks to be on the way out with new revisions on their way in. If rumors are true Apple is reducing shipments of their current iMac line which is typically an indicator that Apple is making room in their store rooms for a new product revision and retiring the old. This is refreshing news for the iMac line which has been getting long in the tooth. The iMac should have been revised for Macworld since the model is already old. It wasn't and predictably Apple's sales of desktops dropped 25% for first quarter.

    What can we expect? Analyst Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. claims to have the inside scoop on the insides of the new iMac. Wu. cites unidentified sources that are telling him the new iMac will come in both dual-core and quad-core models. Screen sizes are predicted to remain the same with choices of 20" and 24" screens.

    It is also rumored that the MacPro will receive a minor update with some new intel server quad-core chips that are on the docket for release around the end of March. That could signal that the new Mac Pro and iMac lines will be announced around then.

    If you're Apple desktop shopping you should wait. They are getting a bit old and Apple will should be refreshing them soon.

    [via cnet and macnn]
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