• A New Mac Clone. PearC

    Enter the PearC. Nice name. Apples are to Macs as Pears are to PearCs or something like that. Apple can thank Psystar proving that people are interested in buying hackint0sh computers for this emerging Apple clone market. First the OpeniMac out of Argentina and now the PearC out of Germany. Apple still hasn't managed to take Psystar out legally and more companies doing the exact same thing are popping up everywhere.

    Antitrust and license agreement laws aren't handled the same over in Europe as they are here in America so there is a chance that there is nothing that Apple will be able to do about these clone sales -- of course at some point they may try.

    Starting at €500 the PearC is highly customizable with whatever options you want. Their top-of-the-line desktop starts at €1499 and even has the option for a blazing Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition (for an extra €719.99 or course).

    PearC also doesn't seem to think there are any legal problems with what they are up to. In their FAQ:

    7. Is it legal that to install Mac OS X on a PC?
    We would not offer our PearCs, if we the opinion were not that it is legal.

    [PearC via sevenmac]
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