• New Mac Mini Caught on Video!

    Earlier was an image. Now a video is out for everyone that had the initial reaction to the photo of "FAKE." Looks pretty freaking real unless someone has been working very hard on making a fake -- if it is a fake it is a really nice fake -- very Apple-esque. Finally the Mac Mini is getting the update it deserves. From the video this new Mac Mini is looking pretty sweet and classy. Aluminum makes everything better

    The Likely Specs:
    • Mini DVI connector
    • Mini DisplayPort connector
    • FireWire 800 (I thought Apple was ditching Firewire)
    • Five USB ports
    • Aluminum Shell
    • Probably Nvidia gfx -- some iteration of GeForce 9400M
    • Tentative release date of March

    [via 9to5mac]
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