• Plex Media Center for OS X Rocks Some Hulu

    So Boxee has been nearly my favorite program for the past few months thanks mostly to the inclusion of Hulu. I was even considering picking up a Mac mini or and Apple TV and ditching cable all together. When the news hit that Hulu was leaving Boxee I started looking for something new.

    Enter Plex. Plex is a media center that is very similar to Boxee. The latest build (.7.8 beta) which was released three days ago adds a feature to Plex called the App Store which is a place for the end user to navigate to and download extra applications that add services for Plex. This is where you can download applications like HULU for you viewing pleasure within Plex. Think of the App Store equivalent to adding sources in Boxee.

    For people interested in streaming their media over the internet be it video, pictures, or music they can submit their app to be added to the Plex App Store where once approved it can be downloaded by end users.

    Plex is not quite as user friendly as Boxee -- or maybe I'm just familiar with the Boxee interface -- but after a day or so of using Plex I am pleased with its performance so far. Unfortunately for Apple TV users and older Mac users Plex is currently only supports Intel/Leopard only.

    If you're interested you can check out the Plex site here or download 0.7.8 beta here.

    Some screenies taken while playing around in Plex.

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