• iTunes 8.1 to be Released Shortly

    Since the new iPod Shuffle was released today with iTunes 8.1 listed as a requirement you can expect to see iTunes 8.1 seeded in your software updates very soon. According to the iTunes What's New page iTunes 8.1 comes packed with the following new features:
    • Speed boots for library loading, iTunes Store browsing, device syncing.
    • Genius feature will include movies.
    • Default audio import settings changed to 256kbps AAC

    There are also some additional features suggested by the iTunes A to Z page.
    • Parental controls that disable iTunes Store access while allowing iTunes U access.
    • Autofill says "new." The changes aren't listed but there is speculation this feature is being updated to work with all iPods

    As always please refrain from updating until it is clear whether or not the new iTunes will interfere with Jailbreaking.

    [via macrumors]
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