• iPhone 3g Cracked

    According to recent reports, it appears that the 3G iPhones are developing cracks. No, this is not due to dropping it by harsh users or blending it but it's even happening with people who love their expensive iPhone like their babies!

    Many people will sensationalize this and say that this is just another brick on the wall of problems Apple has had with the 3g iPhone launch including mobileme failing, servers crashing, yellow screens, and all day sync times but that just isn't the case. The cracks are not because of the cheap construction of the 3g iPhone.

    All of us "in the know" realize that this is just a new planned feature similar to the yellow screens providing a "warmer feel." In reality Apple included this feature to protect your iPhone from abuse. Much like the crumple zones in cars are designed to protect the occupants inside during brutal crashes, the exterior casing of the iPhone 3g is designed to protect the precious components inside. No matter how small the abuse (read talking on the phone) Apple is prioritizing the protection of the device's functionality first and foremost.

    Currently there is no official word from Apple but the issue appears to be just cosmetic and there's no problem with the phone functioning.

    Now, what to do? I highly recommend you to get a Zagg iPhone 3G shield or some good body skin to protect your beloved or you can just continue on with the new iPhone feature confident that the internals of the phone are still well protected.

    Please tell us if you too are having the same problem, take some pics, and vote in our poll

    [MacRumors via Engadget]

    oh and if it isn't obvious the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are cash, don't yell at the op
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