• Cydia Store Going Live Tonight

    Lets face it. Apple does not allow many very cool apps for sale in the App Store because of their very tight (and in many cases unreasonable) restrictions. The developers of these apps (PDANet, MySMS and iBlacklist to name a few of the many) still want to earn a little revenue for their hard work and until now have been forced to come up with their own sales solutions on Cydia/Installer.

    Tonight the game will start changing as Jay Freeman (Saurik) releases the Cydia Store. Just moments ago Freeman announced on Twitter that "Tonight (late) a new Cydia will come out with one package 'for sale' (more over the next week): more details will be in Cydia." Developers of popular paid Jailbreak programs will be able to sell their applications straight from the overwhelmingly popular Cydia without having to worry about the hassles of independently creating sales solutions.

    Whats more is the Cydia Store will have many features to rival the App Store. According to Freeman in addition to application sales "There will also be a method of voting via the classic stars, but are linked by a review, which must first write a comment / review, and then you can vote. This feedback system will require a login which should be based on Google or Facebook."

    Freeman isn't the only one with a third party store to compete with Apple's App Store. RockYourPhone.com is another independent application store that is currently in development. The Wall Street Journal also mentions a third store thats name has yet to be revealed. While it is clear that there is a market for applications outside of the App Store it is not clear whether or not Apple will allow third party App Stores to compete without legal intervention. Freeman says he has lined up a lawyer in case Apple takes legal action. "The overworking goal is to provide choice," he says. "It's understandable that [Apple] wants to control things, but it has been very limiting for developers and users."

    [via Saruik on Twitter and wsj image via iptf]
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