• Cydia 3.0 is finally here! New QuickPwn with Cydia Released (For All Devices)

    Cydia for 3.0 is finally here! Currently the only way to get Cydia 3.0 on your device is to jailbreak with a newly modified QuickPwn.
    This new custom QuickPwn is compliments of HoZy, lilstevie, saurik, and iphoneappsru. This QuickPwn includes all bundles needed to jailbreak your iPhone 3G, iPhone, and iPod 1G.


    QuickPwn Beta5 with Cydia
    QuickPwn Beta5 with Cydia
    QuickPwn Beta5 with Cydia
    MMi Member Mirror

    Launch QuickPwn and jailbreak!

    Attention iPhone 3G upgraders:

    If you upgrade to 3.0, it will change your baseband and yellowsnow unlock will be non-functional. Furthermore, as of now you will not be able to downgrade your baseband unless you are on a 5.08 bootloader and be stuck without a soft unlock.

    I haz put together instructions to troubleshoot common problems in my out of control huge Firmware 3.0 jailbreak thread. If you have any problems during the jailbreak, there are many helpful people who have gone thru a couple beta jailbreaks now and can help you out. There is also information there about MMS, Tethering, Theming, App Compatibility list, and many more mods.

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