• SlingPlayer Coming to AppStore, As Soon As Tonight?

    One of the most anticipated app for the iPhone is SlingMedia's SlingPlayer, rumored to be rejected by Apple due to issues with AT&T, seems to be finally making its way to the store in as little as 24 hours!

    Multiple trusted sources have reported that Apple will be getting this app online today itself! AppleInsider also called a SlingMedia spokesperson to confirm. The twist is... Apple has limited the app to the iPhone 3G's Wi-Fi capabilities ONLY, which means NO 3G!

    That sounds like a crazy decision and AT&T might be the one responsible for it. Maybe they don't want their developing 3G network to be hit by thousands of people streaming videos... yet the other details of the app seems to be quite positive.

    The app will support not only the current models (SlingBox PRO, SOLO, and PRO-HD) but the older ones as well, including Classic, AV and tuner. This will be a delight for the late upgraders! Many might not be happy with the speculated pricetag though - $29.99. It's bound to be a great app - if the rumors are true - and we hope it doesn't have any first release flaws like many.


    UPDATE: It's real! Now available on the store. Get it here.

    Thanks to tsatryan for a small guide to make it work over 3G!

    Here is a detailed step by step process on how to do it -

    * First, obviously, download and install SlingPlayer, and make sure that everything is working fine with it while you are on your wifi network.

    * Then, open Cydia, and download and install the free program VoIPover3g.

    * SSH into your iPhone, and navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries.

    * Copy/move the file VoIPover3G.plist to your desktop so you can open and edit it.

    * In your copied plist, add this listing - com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer . Be sure you add it so that it is done in the exact same way as the other entries already there. Then save and close the plist file.

    * Back in your iPhone, rename the original VoIPover3G.plist to some other name so you still have a copy of it. I named mine VoIPover3G.plist.original

    * Move your edited copy of the plist file back onto your iPhone into the same directory. Then, reboot your iphone.

    When you are done, your SlingPlayer will work on 3G as well as it does on wifi.
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