• iPhone 3G S vs. iPhone 3G vs. Palm Pre Speed Test

    This just popped up in my feeds. CNet did some completely unscientific speed testing comparing the iPhone 3G S, the iPhone 3G, and the Palm Pre. While some of the tests are entirely based on signal strength its still fun to watch while waiting for some jailbreak and unlock action!

    The Power on Test
    • Winner - iPhone 3G S at 19.34 seconds!
    • Second - iPhone 3G at 48.18 seconds
    • Last - The Palm Pre turned on in a dismal 1 minute 46.35 seconds

    The Load a Webpage Test
    • Winner - Palm Pre at 23.11 seconds
    • Second - iPhone 3G S at 35.54 seconds
    • Last - iPhone 3G at, uh never. It was on edge

    The Take a Picture and Send it via Email Test
    • Winner - Palm Pre at 40.32 seconds
    • Second - iPhone 3G S at 54.03 seconds
    • The iPhone 3G wasn't test since it was on edge

    Of course there are many other things that speed would matter with that weren't tested but in CNet's unscientific competition the Palm won 2 out of three
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