• Features Found! Invert Screen, Voiceover, More - iPhone 3G S Accessibility Options

    Found new features in the iPhone 3G S! There is an Accessibility option in general settings that does some real cool stuff. Big props to MMi user jonban for leaving me a visitor message tipping us off!

    White on Black

    My personal favorite. Throwing the White on Black toggle inverts the colors phone-wide. Gives your iPhone a psychedelic look everywhere, including apps. This will have to do while we're waiting for the iPhone 3G S to be jailbroken so we can do some themeing.

    This issue with this feature is the iPhone has trouble running some applications (games) leading to screen flicker. How this feature helps Accessibility, I have no idea.

    Voice Over

    For people having trouble reading the screen Apple has introduced VoiceOver. When on and you click ANY menu item the iPhone selects it, and reads it to you. To then select the menu item you have to double tap -- anywhere on the screen. This works iPhone-wide.


    Also for people having trouble reading the screen the iPhone 3G S can zoom in closer, anywhere. Turn the feature and double tap the screen with three fingers. Hold an move your fingers up and down after the second tap to zoom in and out. This feature also works phone-wide. The phone remembers how much you have zoomed and keeps that zoom setting as you browse through the menus. To turn off double tap with three fingers again.

    Speak Auto-test

    With this feature on the iPhone 3G S speaks what pops up in the auto-text correction box when you are typing.

    Mono Audio

    Simply makes audio mono instead of stereo.
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