• Jailbreak Dev Releases UberSocial iPhone App

    With few exceptions, most social networking apps that piggyback on Twitter's framework fail to deliver anything worth downloading, let alone uttering a word about to another social networking fanatic. Fortunately, such is not the case with UberSocial, a sweet new social networking app that comes to us from Tunji Afonja, a jailbreak developer whose work is hosted on ModMyi.

    Promising a unique Twitter experience that actually is unique, the free iPhone app enables you to follow the people that you actually possess some remote interest in. Best of all, even if you are a professed Twitter hater, you can still enjoy UberSocial. Why? Because you don't have to be on Twitter yourself to keep tabs on those who are.

    UberSocial lets you stay in touch with the people and information that matter to you, whether you have a Twitter account or not. From your own timeline to the world’s most intriguing entertainers, sports icons, political players, news sources and much more, the world’s best tweets are now at your finger tips.

    Twitter junkies will especially appreciate the app's attention to letting users follow friends and fascinating figures in the "coolest and most enjoyable manner" possible, like via the Tab View, Top Tweets, Filters, Slide Down to Tweet, etc. With poor navigation proving a repeated sticking point for many Twitter users (and folks who refuse to use Twitter for this reason) UberSocial's Navigation Evolved rubric will be a sight for sore eyes, particularly with regard to the app's new approach to refreshing your timeline and presenting who is saying what and when. You can even go to the top or bottom of a tweet stream with a single touch.

    UberSocial - an app definitely worth checking out - is available now for download from the App Store.

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