• Augmented Reality Hits USA with Yelp

    No need to be jealous of international iPhone 3GS users in Paris and London, augmented reality has made it state side! Yelp hid an easter egg in their application update released yesterday that is able to activate their augmented reality or "Monocle" mode. Sadly this appears to only be for the iPhone 3GS, not for iPhone 3G or 2G users.

    Download Yelp off the App Store (free), shake your iPhone 3GS 3 times (in my case repeatedly really hard) and eventually you will get a nice notice informing you that

    Awesome. The augmented reality floodgates have opened!

    Update: Been playing with this a bit now, its difficult to use. All the little places to tap on shake around a lot. Maybe my hand shakes to much. Either way it is really cool but needs to be updated with better implementation.
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