• AT&T MMS Already Working for Some Folks?

    Looks like some users are already receiving and sending MMS just fine on the AT&T US network. ModMyi.com member yotelefonotresg sent us some legit-looking screenshots of MMS coming through just fine on AT&T (yes, I'm fully aware you can do that easily on T-Mobile by changing the carrier name, but we've received decent enough proof to ask if anyone else is seeing this).

    How bout you guys - any AT&T users able to send out MMS or receive them yet? EDIT: reports keep pouring in, looks like its true. AT&T is gradually turning on MMS throughout the US!

    AT&T yesterday announced they'd have MMS ready by September, through a YouTube video (see below) you've probably already seen, by the new[er] AT&T talking head, Seth. I like Seth. He's a person, and he talks about AT&T crap that's been going on - straight up, and up front. Of course, he doesn't fix it... but he's a nice guy, right? I mean, that counts for something? Anything?

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