• 500,000 MemberMadness Contest - Win a MacBook Pro! Sponsored by FreshBooks/MiniBooks

    [SUMMARY - we're about to hit 1/2 a million members, and we're having a contest with prizes including a MacBook Pro, iPhone 3G[S], Apple TV, and more. Read on if you're interested...]

    Well folks, it's been just over two years since we opened our virtual doors and began customizing the iPhone to bend to the community's wills... mid June 2007 saw the birth of ModMyi.com (back then we were called ModMyiPhone.com). From a July 15, 2007 guide on skinning the iPhone (the first out there!) done purely from command line with now-antiquated tools such as IphoneInterface and ./jailbreak up to today's super-easy connect-and-click PwnageTool and other tools, we've been right there bringing you the current methods, fresh news, and guides/community all along. We are the oldest (we were the first besides Saurik's) Cydia repository, and we continue to expand our offerings and features to you guys. Our members are what makes all this possible.

    We're now over 485,000 members strong, and nearing that 500,000 mark here in the next couple weeks. To celebrate, we're doing what we do best - giving things away, to you. We've got a brilliant 14 day contest launching today and sponsored by FreshBooks.com, as well as NegriElectronics.com and more. Top prizes? A 13" MacBook Pro loaded with a 2.53GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM, 250GB of HD, and an 8x SuperDrive sponsored by FreshBooks.com and MiniBooks.app, and a 16GB iPhone 3G[S] - factory unlocked (it won't lock) - sponsored by NegriElectronics.com. Other prizes include a 160GB Apple TV, 3 FreshBooks + MiniBooks Packages (1 free year subscription - Shuttle Bus package worth $228 - to FreshBooks plus a free copy of MiniBooks.app - $14.99), and 3 Defender Series cases from OtterBox.com.

    How's it work? You help us build up, we help you get sweet stuff. You gotta work for it. Prizes will go to the top 9 participants, judged on total points amassed.

    How to Earn Points (there's tons of ways):

    • Tweet. Click here to retweet our contest announcement. You can earn 1 point per day of the contest by tweeting that precise message.
      RT @modmyi 500k MemberMadness Contest - Win a MacBook Pro/iPhone 3G[S]! Sponsored by FreshBooks.com/MiniBooks.app & NegriElectronics.com.
    • Twitter. Follow @modmyi, @freshbooks, and @negrielectronic (all 3) to receive 5 total points. Each submitting user can only use ONE Twitter account.
    • Link. Link to us from your blog/site to gain 5 points per site (i.e., 6 links on one site will only be 5 points - but 6 links from 6 different sites will be 30 points). Site's must have a PageRank of at least 2 to qualify. This will be checked by our contest judges, and links needs to have the following format:
      HTML Code:
      <a href="http://modmyi.com" title="iPhone News">iPhone News and Forums</a> at <a href="http://modmyi.com/forums" title="iPhone Forums">ModMyi.com</a>
    • Get a FreshBooks Account. They're free. Simply having a FreshBooks.com account will net you 10 points. We will verify these. Click here to get one free.
    • Create a Guide. As another part of our 500,000 member celebration, shortly after the contest ends we'll be launching our brand new, completely redesigned guides section here at ModMyi.com. The current Wiki is nice - but tough to organize and in need of a makeover. We're on that for you guys (as well as a few other very cool upgrades coming this fall) - and need your help to fill this thing up with even more fresh guides!

      Here's how the guides point system works:

      Make us a guide on customizing/using your Apple device. This should be using CURRENT software on a CURRENT OS (Snow Leopard/Windows 7/Leopard/Vista/iPhone OS 3.0.1). It can be anything from jailbreaking/unlocking your iPhone/iPod Touch to installing Boxee on your Apple TV to changing system icons in OS X. Simple stuff on iPhone/iPod Touch counts as well - How to connect to bluetooth, how to buy appstore app, how to redeem app code, how to load a movie, how to change carrier logo, how to mount the iphone as a drive on mac, how to manually apply a theme you downloaded, how to use stereo bluetooth, how to ssh from a mac.

      Every step must be documented clearly and with properly cropped screenshots (don't show me your entire screen to tell me to highlight and click "File > Open" - all I need is that menu).

      The guide should be in proper HTML or BB code (using [B], [URL], [IMG] for BB or:
      HTML Code:
      <b>, <a href="">, <img src="">
      for HTML) format.

      Simple guides (under 10 steps) are worth 5 points. Advanced guides (over 10 steps) are worth 10 points. We will watch this closely - 1) Click Menu, 2) Scroll down to Open, 3) Click Open doesn't count. That's 1 step: Click Menu > Open.
    • We reserve the right to judge quality of the guides. If your guide is technically incorrect, missing steps, horribly incorrect in grammar, or just all around sucks... we won't count it.
    • You have 14 days. Submissions will no longer be accepted after 5PM EST September 22nd.

    To enter, email what points you've qualified for to [email protected]. Submit guides as you go - we'll add it up later.

    • Winners must be 18 years old or older, parents or legal guardian may claim prize(s) if winner is under 18, even though prizes can or may be used by a minor.
    • Only one winner per household.
    • ModMy, LLC staff, volunteers, and freelance writers are not eligible to enter, nor are their family members.
    • Winners will be notified via private message and the email tied to your ModMyi.com account. If you do not respond within 48 hours, your prize will be revoked and the next highest person in points will receive it.
    • All prizes will be mailed out (digital prizes will be emailed) within 7 days of contest end.
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