• How to call for free on your iPhone

    image source: Cult of Mac

    Out of minutes on your iPhone account? Tim Cox at Cult of Mac reveals the details of this tidy hack to both send and receive calls for free on the iPhone, using Fring for the iPhone and free Gizmo VoIP (voice-over-IP) and Google Voice accounts. Outgoing calls are limited to three minutes, but you can talk as long as you want on incoming calls (thanks, Google!).

    Fring is a free app that aggregates multiple online accounts (AIM, ICQ, Google Voice, SIP VoIP, etc.) onto a single front end on your iPhone. Gizmo is a VoIP provider that offers free calls out up to three minutes, and Google Voice is, well, Google.

    The VoIP part does require you to use WiFi rather than your 3G connection, and the three-minute cap is a real drawback. However, it's awesome creativity, and it begins to point the way to true VoIP capabilities on a jailbroken, unlocked iPhone... at some future unspecified time, of course, when such activities would be free from legal sanction.
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