• Apple Totally Still Playing the Field (in China)

    Just as we digest the news of Apple starting a new relationship with Chinese wireless carrier China Unicom, a report in the Wall Street Journal indicate that Apple is still totally chatting up rival China Mobile.

    Apple's deal with China Unicom is "absolutely not exclusive," and China Mobile still hopes to offer iPhones in China, Mr. Wang said Friday on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.
    Wang is also quoted as saying "[w]e are still in talks... so I can’t say anything else."

    China Mobile would have to modify the iPhone for use on its 3G TD-SCDMA network, but the company is working on its own Android-based handheld (the so-called Ophone), and so the technical expertise presumably exists.

    If the second deal in China goes through, it would mark the first country in which Apple has not negotiated an exclusive deal with a wireless carrier. But China Mobile has an enormous customer base - 420,000,000 subscribers, more than one account for every man, woman and child in the United States - so a relationship with the carrier remains an enormous growth opportunity for Apple.
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