• Live Traffic (Finally) Comes to Navigon GPS

    Image via CNET

    Big news tonight for those of us who have long bemoaned the lack of live traffic updates on our GPS mobile apps.

    Our friends at CNET have been all over this breaking announcement:

    Navigon AG, the developer of the Navigon MobileNavigator app, announced Wednesday that live traffic capability, called Traffic Live, for its GPS phone application is coming soon. This feature will be available in October for the North American version of the application.
    It's almost as though the holiday season has come early. Indeed, the new Traffic Live feature - which offers real-time traffic updates for the GPS app - is like a present we've been waiting an eternity for. With this latest update, MobileNavigator's journey (pun intended) has come full circle.

    From the initial bare bones app, which didn't offer the ability to access points of interest from inside the app or the now much-loved text-to-speech component, the polished app is arguably now the most practical, well-versed, and functional GPS app for any mobile device.
    However, there's a catch. As expected, this upcoming update will not be free, rather it will cost another $25 via an in-app purchase, on top of the current $90 price tag for the app itself.
    That one time fee, however, will be worth it. Navigon says the update is made possible from live traffic information provided by the ultimate source for traffic news - people who are either stuck in it or avoiding it altogether. Real-time data and information from more than one million drivers across North America will be the service's heart and soul.

    When the new feature is available, the Navigon GPS app will automatically include the traffic information when calculating a route, and provide onscreen alerts indicating new incidents and congestion along the current route.
    This huge improvement will likely prompt competing navigation apps to either step up their game right away or get out of the way altogether.
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