• FitOrbit Hits the App Store

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    Personal trainers can be expensive. So can gym memberships. But a new iPhone app helps folks with fitness sticker-shock still get the advice and encouragement they need from fitness experts without the hefty price tag.

    The FitOrbit iPhone application has been rolled out in the app store. According to the announcement on Mobiletor.com:
    The app provides one-to-one fitness training with a professional. Personal trainers with FitOrbit present daily monitoring and tracking, a support group for immediate motivation, grocery lists, recipes, meal preparations tips, local restaurant substitutions and comprehensive nutritional information inclusive of serving sizes. Further, the trainer also alters their clients’ meal and fitness plans according to their changing lifestyles via online discussions.
    Frankly, I'm surprised we haven't seen a greater push for such applications as of yet. With two-thirds of Americans overweight and less than 4% using a personal trainer, the timing couldn't be better for FitOrbit to show up and help provide the expert help and inspiration that a fitness guru can provide for the more than 100 million Americans reportedly still in need of weight loss, exercise, and diet training

    “As a trainer, I am very excited that my FitOrbit clients will now be able to access the daily workout and meal plans I give them right on their iPhones. Making healthy food choices and exercising right have never been more convenient or as accessible thanks to FitOrbit. The app itself is free too, and if you’re not a FitOrbit member yet, you can use the iPhone to register and even pick your trainer,” quoted Holly Perkins, a FitOrbit Trainer.
    Only two months old, FitOrbit was developed by Global Fitness Media in Los Angeles. The FitOrbit iPhone application - which is free - begins by helping users customize a workout and meal plan. More importantly, the wealth of information available through expert-written articles and commentaries holds enormous value for anyone in need of fitness assistance. Having already taken the "FitOrbit quiz," I am now in the process of getting matched up with the best personal trainer that suits my "lifestyle, preferences, and goals."

    There seems to be a larger and growing push for more "meaningful apps" to make their way to our iPhones and iPods. If this latest offering is any indication, getting fit will be the hottest new trend in app development for the time being. And for now, FitOrbit arguably has the most potential of any fitness app rolled out thus far.
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