• Apple Throws Lifeline to iPhone OS Developers

    Image via the iPhone blog

    I love it when Apple sends an email on Friday. That usually guarantees something interesting to talk about all weekend.

    According to a published report on CNET, yesterday Apple distributed one such communique that likely comes as music to the ears of iPhone app developers.

    On Friday afternoon Apple sent an e-mail to iPhone OS developers announcing the App Store Resource Center--the sole destination for developers to see details on everything they need to know about app distribution in the App Store. Developers can learn how to prepare an app for submission and how to manage the app after it goes on sale.
    My initial read of the situation sees this effort by Apple as an honest attempt to clarify for developers the multitude of company policies and details about the App Store that can help (or hinder) in the the development of new apps.

    The official word from Apple, however, introduces the App Store Source Center as a provider of details on "how to get started with iTunes Connect, including setting up your account, contract and banking information, what you'll need to have prepared before you submit your binary, and quick reference guides on assigning a rating to your app and using keywords."

    A few developers that I know are "reluctantly elated" by the lifeline that Apple has thrown them. Being on pins and needles wondering if their creation is fit for the app approval process is the stress that stomach ulcers are made of. The resources made available via the App Store Source Center should likely pacify many nervous app developers from this point forward.

    Make sure you also check out the News and Announcements section of the iPhone Dev Center for tips on submitting your apps to the App Store, turnaround time for app review, new program features, and guidance on everything from development and testing to distribution and marketing
    Apple's new App Store Resource Center can be found at Apple Developer Connection

    The iPhone Dev Center, on the other hand, can be found at iPhone Dev Center - Apple Developer Connection.
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