• Roll 'em! iPhone Film Projector Hits the Red Carpet

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    With the overwhelming majority of my multimedia entertainment stored on my iPhone and iPod, it's easy to forget that I still own a television and DVD player.

    If you have the same problem and love your portable movie player but still want to watch a film on a bigger screen now and then, the Wall Street Journal is out this morning with a piece on a handy-dandy little device that aims to once again make you forget about your TV.

    I enjoy downloading videos onto my iPhone, but sometimes I don't want to watch a movie in the palm of my hand. It turns out that I need a "pico projector"—a tiny projector that converts the small-screen viewing experience into a large-screen luxury. So I tested the Cinemin Swivel, which goes on sale this month for $349 from a company called WowWee Group Ltd.
    Weighing 6.4 ounces, the Cinemin Swivel is set to begin shipping this month.

    The device is designed specifically for use with the iPhone and iPod and uses Texas Instruments’ DLP projection technology. In addition to the exceptional picture quality it projects, the Cinemin Swivel's 90° hinge makes it easy to project on any surface without a tripod. It also comes with a built-in speaker in case you forget or don't have portable speakers to connect to the device's headphone jack. But don't rely on it. Even at full blast, you will struggle to enjoy the film at a "comfortable level"

    The device comes with an AC adapter, yet its battery isn't much better than the iPhone's. The company, however, says the rechargeable battery should last more than two hours... which will work fine as long as you're not watching Lord of the Rings.

    Operating the Swivel was exceptionally simple. I plugged it into my iPhone, selected a movie, switched on the projector lamp, focused the image, and sat back to enjoy my private screening. In a darkened room, the Swivel projected a luminous, clear image onto my wall.
    Although the Swivel has largely generated positive reviews for its convenience and picture quality, some say the device may be a little too pricey to fly in the current market. At $349, it isn't difficult to disagree.

    with the Swivel's low volume and high price, I'll still be standing in line for my movie ticket.
    Until the price comes down a tad, I think I'll be right there in line too.
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