• Dahon iPhone Bike Mount Prepares for Launch

    Image via BikeRadar

    Folding bicycle company Dahon is behind a new bike mount for the iPhone or iPod.

    The BioLogic Bike Mount, which is expected to sell for $59, will be on display this week at the Interbike show in Las Vegas.

    But what happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas as the Dahon iPhone bike mount will officially go on sale in January, according to Wired's Gadget Lab.

    Waterproof? Check. Shockproof? Check. Bike mounted? Check. Dahonís BioLogic iPhone case puts your iPhone up front on the handlebars, right where you need it, and gives it enough protection that you donít need to worry about it getting rained on or shaken to death.
    In addition to protecting your iPhone and shielding it from the elements, the bike mount accommodates an iPhone or iPod Touch and attaches the device to your bike's handlebar so you can quickly and easily track your position through GPS technology or monitor your speed, map your course, or gauge the distance traveled.
    The mount allows a 360ļ swivel, and the front membrane transmits your touches so the iPhone can still be used on the go.
    In case your bike rides tend to last longer than a typical iPhone battery charge, a Biologic ReeCharge device will also be rolled out so that you can maintain a charged phone for the duration of your bike ride.

    Legitimate uses: GPS and mapping, cycle-computer applications and music. Bad ideas: in-ride movies and Monkey Ball.
    Proving once again that genius is born in the absence of necessity, Joshua Hon, Dahon's vice president, said he once scoured the web in search of a good bike mount for the iPhone, and when he couldn't find a sufficient device, he simply used a rubber band. Shortly thereafter, Hon and his team drew the specs for a feasible iPhone bike mount.

    To see a demonstration, check out the YouTube video [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJg_VzOBVN0&feature=player_embedded"]here[/ame].
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