• Mint: A Great Way to Know How Much Money You Don't Have

    I'm both bad with bookkeeping and a fan of apps that live-track my personal data, so I'm a sucker for things like Nike+ and Mint. Recently acquired by Intuit (a development savaged by 37signals's Jason Fried in an essay piquantly titled The Next Generation Bends Over"), Mint is a personal finance webapp that can be accessed via browser and on your iPhone. It tracks your expenses and payments, and provides alerts for important events like due dates for bills or low balances in your accounts (ahem).

    They just released version 3.0 of the iPhone app, and improved the user interface as well as adding important functionality. You can now configure push notifications for certain alerts, and perhaps most impressively, can now edit transactions using the app.

    Mint is able to deduce expense categories for most transactions, but for better reporting you can now use the app to correct, or define, which expense was for what category, and add notes for tracking purposes.

    Finally, the new release adds passcode protection for your personal data, and will automatically log you out if you receive a call or a text while using Mint. The company offers industry-standard security, which should only improve as they come under the Intuit umbrella. Further, they note that Mint is a "read only" service: you cannot initiate any transactions using the app. Be that as it may, Mint does store your online access credentials, and in an age of data theft, one should always be vigilant about any account that can be managed online.

    Mint is a free download from the iTunes App Store.
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