• Microsoft Thinks "Pink" to Rival iPhone

    Image via Gizmodo

    Overnight, photos began surfacing on the web that reveal the existence of a device that we've certainly heard of but, until now, have not seen.

    Just this past spring, the mobile community learned that Microsoft was working under the radar to roll out a new smartphone that would run on Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform. The device was codenamed "Pink." And just last April, The Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft and Verizon were teaming to introduce the iPhone rival in 2010.

    Gizmodo is now putting an image in our heads to join the rampant thoughts about this mysterious smartphone. So far it appears that two phones have emerged from the "Pink" laboratory.

    They are known as "Turtle" and "Pure." And Gizmodo notes that Microsoft's manufacturing partner is Sharp.

    These phones are going to be made by Sharp, who'll get to share branding with Microsoft. Sharp produced the Sidekick hardware for Danger, who was bought by Microsoft almost two years ago. Pink will be primarily aimed at the same market as the Sidekick, and the branding and identity for it is highly developed, pointing toward a later stage in the development cycle.

    It's been reported elsewhere that Pink phones will include Zune services, and have its own app store, making it as close to the Zune phone as we may get. We'll see if it's close enough in the coming months, though these are the only facts our source will let us safely publish for now.
    If Gizmodo is correct that the "Pink" phones will include Zune music as well as other multimedia features and its very own app store, this will be the most formidable competition the iPhone has faced since its inception. But will these "remixed Sidekicks," as Gizmodo puts it, resonate with consumers?
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