• TomTom iPhone Car Kit Pricing Released

    image via GPS Tracklog

    As previously noted, the TomTom iPhone car kit - consisting of a cradle and suction-cup mounting hardware - has been delayed until at least last month. Yesterday, the European iTunes App Store had the car kit up for pre-sale before unceremoniously taking it down. Today, there was a short press release from TomTom confirming the European price and adding US pricing:
    TomTom announces today that the TomTom car kit for the iPhone will have a recommended retail price of EUR 99.99 or USD 119.95.

    The TomTom car kit will be available this October and will be sold separately from the TomTom app. It will be compatible with the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS.

    All further details on the car kit will be made available soon.
    Some observers were frustrated that the Euro App Store listing indicated that 99 would be the price for app and car kit together when the reality is that the two will be sold separately. This makes for some considerable sticker shock - in the US, that's $119.95 for the kit on top of the $99 for the app - that GPS bloggers are taking exception to.

    The cradle includes a separate GPS module for improved positioning, and provides enhanced audio capabilities in addition to iPhone charging. However, it lacks features - such as live traffic integration - that competitors are including in ther iPhone products, and requires that any third-party case be removed first.

    As alluded to in the press release, there is still no projected ship date for the product.
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