• Apple Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over MMS Delay

    Image via iphone3ghacked.com

    Lawsuits seem to be filed for just about any reason these days. As a result, some have criticized Americans for becoming too "litigious" of a society.

    A story out this weekend certainly isn't going to help erase this perception.

    According to our friends at Gizmodo, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple as a result of the company and their cohorts at AT&T promising MMS service in summer but only delivering it three full days into the start of fall.

    Apple class-action lawsuit, case file #23423: A Minnesota iPhone owner joined a class-action lawsuit to punish Apple and AT&T for failing to provide MMS by "late summer" as promised. Evidence: MMS came out post-Labor-Day, which is officially autumn. The horror!
    I can relate to the frustration experienced by many over the seemingly eternal wait for a fairly basic service on the iPhone. But a lawsuit? Really?

    To be fair, Apple sold more than 1 million of its newest iPhones in just the first weekend after its launch back in June. At the time, the company said AT&T would support MMS by "late summer."

    Consequently, Irving is seeking unspecified damages because he was told he would have MMS service in summer - apparently, the main reason he bought the iPhone in June in Apple Valley.

    Kyle Irving of Minneapolis was told he would have MMS when he purchased his iPhone in late June, yet it took another two months to arrive, which surely is a crime heinous enough to warrant yet another go-nowhere class-action lawsuit. The Minnesota suit will be grouped with similar suits from other states, though it's not clear exactly how much money in damages is being sought.
    As a non-lawyer, I have no intelligent input to offer on the legit weight or merits of Mr. Irving's argument. But if we do inhabit a society where a burglar can win a lawsuit for injuring himself in a house he broke into, or a man can earn millions from a fast food chain for spilling their hot coffee on himself, I guess anything is possible.
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