• Apple & Intel Collaborating On "Light Peak" Connectors?

    Looks like we might be heading for the Star Trek age. Intel unveils Light Peak 10Gbps optical interconnect for mobile devices.

    What does this mean? No more different ports with different cables and connections! This is just astounding!

    Few, Smaller Connectors
    Longer, Thinner Cables
    Higher Bandwidth
    Multiple I/O Protocols On A Single Cable

    Also I heard it transfers at 10GB/s. At the moment that's a BluRay movie in 30 Seconds. And plans for it to increase to 100GB/s within the next 10 years. (Wow)

    Nice! Finally one port options!

    Apple had reached out to Intel as early as 2007 with plans for an interoperable standard which could handle massive amounts of data and "replace the multitudinous connector types with a single connector (FireWire, USB, Display interface)."

    The original conversations happened between Apple's Steve Jobs and Intel's Paul Otellini. In fact, the technology was said to have been demoed last week on a prototype Mac Pro motherboard and will be introduced into the Mac lineup in the Fall of 2010. (How exciting) And glad Apple is thinking of cutting back on cords...

    Check out the demo below.... quite interesting!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khPx1dEIPnA]YouTube - Intel Light Peak Demo @ IDF 2009[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izNoF1SWtSg&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Light Peak to Connect Consumer Devices at Record Speed[/ame]

    Intel unveils Light Peak 10Gbps optical interconnect for mobile devices

    Apple this time is been smart and is not going to keep it for only mac.

    If this goes main stream, we could see a real bright future and not what we have now of so many different plugins. I want to thank iphone49er as he brought it to my attention that I forgot to mention that you can not transfer power through the cable.
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