• BuzzVoice Turns Blogs Into Podcasts on the Fly

    image via BuzzVoice

    BuzzVoice is an online service with an available iPhone/iPod touch app that will read any of 1,400 blogs to you on your computer portable device. The website version allows you to listen to the posts or email an audio file of the speech synthesizer or to create a custom podcast of your favorite blogs.

    The BuzzVoice site allows you to create your own "Buzzcast:" your favorite blogs read into a 30-minute (10 minutes for the free version) subscribable iTunes podcast or RSS feed. The iPhone app incorporates your chosen blogs into the MyPlaylist grouping, and integrates with social media like Facebook and Reddit. It will also play your Buzzcast directly from the network, rather than using the iPod app to play the podcast. It also includes the BuzzRadio feature, which is just a Buzzcast of subject specific blogs in groupings like Politics or Sports.

    Emails sent from the BuzzVoice online site to the iPhone will automatically open an on-the-fly formatted Safari page, with the audio player along with the original blog page.

    This app is yet another example of the iPhone/iPod touch being used as a mobile computing platform that goes beyond the standard screen/keyboard interface. By making blogs and stories available as both text and spoken words, this increases the reach of this content not only to people on the go, but users with reading disabilities, or language learners.
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