• Look Mom, No Hands! The Flurry of Mobile Mounts Continues

    Image via Electronista

    Its amazing how much chatter there has been on our message boards in recent weeks about the host of new contraptions, devices, and apps that all help make our handy iPhones as hands-free as possible.

    Diving into the sea of growing bike and vehicle mounts is the latest offering from Joby. As our friends at CNET have reported, the iPhone has gone Gorilla.

    Are you an avid cyclist who wants to use the iPhone as your GPS navigator? Joby has something for you. The maker of the recently introduced Gorillatorch announced Thursday its newest iteration of something that can stay really well on something else: the Gorillamobile for the iPhone 3G(S).
    The look and feel are familiar. From a company that has spent years helping both amateur and professional photographers suspend cameras from tree branches and light poles, the "Gorilla" brand is a perfect fit for the iPhone.

    Building upon Joby's tradition of using three flexible arms allowing the Gorillamobile to wrap around any
    surface, Gorillamobile for the iPhone 3G(S) is ideal for the handlebars on a bike. As I understand it, the device
    comes with a customized sleeve that supports the iPhone and removes the need for an even or flat surface - which
    otherwise would be necessary to use the traditional three-leg tripod.

    The key to making the tripod work the way Joby claims it does is the ball-and-socket construction that allows for fully articulated movement of the flexible, wrappable legs. The accessory comes with four interchangeable quick-release adapters for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and other mobile devices. It also has a custom-engineered, slim-line iPhone case.
    What really excited me about this new offering from Joby is that, although its perfect for the iPhone, sometimes in life we have the need or preference of using a different mobile device on the go. Since this bad boy comes with two removable 3M adhesive clips, I can take along my PSP or any other portable gaming system or video player on my journey.

    Of course, I usually don't play a lot of video games while cycling, but if I ever start, Joby's got my back.

    Though the Gorillamobile weighs just 4.5 ounces and is only 8 inches tall, it carries a rather hefty price tag of around $40. It's available for purchase now.
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