• Is Google Spamming the iPhone?

    Image via SearchEngineLand

    Apple's recent purchase of PlaceBase, a company that produces a maps API called Pushpin, has illustrated to many Apple's intention of competing with Google, which, for now, largely dominates the digital mapping landscape.

    As the days pass amidst our heightened awareness of Apple's potential aims, more evidence surfaces as to why Apple may have more reason than ever to "map" out a new, more competitive course for itself.

    Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land is out this weekend with some interesting food for thought.
    We got a tip from Anthony Avolio yesterday, who pointed out that Google was showing ads on Maps on the iPhone. Until then I hadnít noticed it.
    The links uncovered by Search Engine Land closely resemble the Sponsored Links that appear in Google search results. Does Apple know about this? More importantly, are they sharing in the revenue from Google's apparent subtle spamming endeavor? All are good questions, but none have easy answers at this time. Since we don't know the details of Apple's agreement with Google, we have no way of knowing if these apparent sponsored links fall in line with the agreement currently in place or if recent bad blood between the two companies has inspired Google to take a new direction with sponsored links in Google maps.

    There are a number of people who believe that itís now just a matter of time before Apple introduces its own substitute maps for the iPhone, but that very much remains to be seen.
    The acquisition of PlaceBase suggests that Apple is ready to beef up its geolocation offerings, likely with a service that will rival Google maps. But such a service is probably still closer to the drawing board than it is to a full-fledged launch.

    For now, the only thing we know for sure is that Google and Apple are growing further apart. Like a Hollywood marriage that's tabloid bound, these two seem poised for a split eventually. As it stands, however, both companies still need each other for a variety of reasons. But I think we're beginning to see Apple and Google aggressively laying the groundwork for becoming fully independent of one another.

    I'm no Dr. Phil, but with more and more evidence surfacing that the coupling of Apple and Google is becoming a toxic relationship, it's difficult to see a future that keeps these two working together for any reason at all.
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