• Customer Threatens To Pop a Cap In His iPhone At Apple Store

    A man who threatened to "pop a 9mm (Parabellum round) in" his iPhone at an Apple Store in Ohio was removed from the store by police, and charged with misdemeanor offense. No one was injured in the incident.

    Donald Goodrich, 38, brought his iPhone to the Kenwood Towne Center Apple Store in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday. The phone was exhibiting some unspecified error that was causing Goodrich enormous frustration. To illustrate his point, Goodrich lifted his shirt and revealed a handgun, which he is legally entitled to carry under his Ohio state concealed weapons permit. Goodrich was quoted as saying Im so mad, I could pop a 9mm at his iPhone, and further warning Ill do it right now! Look! as he showed the store employee his gun. The employee, thinking fast, led Goodrich over to some poor Genius Bar tech, who delayed him somehow as the police were called.

    Upon arrival, the police arrested Goodrich for "aggravated menacing" of the first employee, and also cited him for not immediately informing the police he was carrying a weapon, which is a condition of the concealed weapons permit.

    I hope that Genius Bar tech gets a raise.
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