• iBike: Phone, Music, GPS and Radar Detector on Two Wheels

    image via Gizmodo

    Leave it to the French.

    Car kits for the iPhone are so commonplace now they're almost boring. Even the TomTom kit, after all, is just a pricey app and cradle. But iPhone solutions for two wheels have been few and far between, and decidedly unsexy.

    The iBike kit gives iPhone-using motorcycle integration in style, with an aggressively designed weatherproof wrist mount case carrying a list price of the equivalent of about $42. For complete two-wheel integration, you can add a helmet headset for about $85 so that you can make calls and access your tunes without dismounting.

    Additionally, the "So Easy Rider" option also allows voice control of GPS, and reads directions back into the flat helmet-mounting headset. Add Trapster support and you have a complete solution for your hog or rice-burner.

    If only I could use this thing on my ten-speed without looking like a total tool...
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