• Apple Causes Flash Memory Shortage... Again

    image via MaximumPC

    Demand for NAND flash memory exceeded supply by more than 1% in the third quarter of 2009, according to DRAMeXchange, and is predicted to increase in Q4 due to increased production for the holiday season.

    As reported in DigiTimes, the memory shortage is being largely attributed to Apple's appetite for the memory modules. Apple had also been blamed for flash shortages earlier this year, before introducing new flash-based iPods, including the 64GB iPod touch and the 5th generation 8- and 16GB iPod nano.

    The shortages are expected to continue for some time: according to the report, supply will only grow by 79 percent in the year to come, while demand is predicted to increase by 81 percent.

    Predictably, prices are also surging with the decreased availability. "Contract prices for mainstream 16GB and 32GB MLC NAND flash chips rose 7-8% and 8-14%, respectively, to average US$4.98 and US$7.68 in the first half of October, according to DRAMeXchange data," the DigiTimes report said. "The 64GB segment also saw a price rally of 6-13% to US$14.50 on average."
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