• Make Up Your Mind, Business People! iPhone or BlackBerry?

    Image via Capmac.org

    The back and forth love/hate relationship that "business people" have with the iPhone is getting really annoying.

    Whenever one report is published that BlackBerry users are starting to take another look at the iPhone, a "study" is soon after released that states the exact opposite with some degree of proposed scientific authenticity.

    Most such "studies" convey the BlackBerry as the preferential smart phone for sophisticated, cosmopolitan professionals. That statement, of course, is usually followed by a subsequent observation that derides the iPhone as a "silly toy" for people who simply aren't serious enough for success.

    Just yesterday, however, a rather large study by a credible organization revealed something you don't hear very often: the iPhone is now preferred to the BlackBerry among business users.

    In a survey, conducted by JD Power and Associates on business usersí satisfaction with their handsets between January and June 2009, the iPhone bagged the top spot, outperforming rivals like RIM BlackBerry, LG, and Samsung.
    Apple has made it clear that it doesn't intend for the iPhone to be the ultimate business tool. But you can tell Apple takes notice (if not offensive) to the routine claims of how superior the BlackBerry is to the iPhone for business users. Needless to say, this latest study must come as welcome gem of unanticipated good news.

    Factors depicting business user satisfaction include ease of operation, physical design and handling, operating system, features as well as battery functions. On an index score of 1,000, Appleís iPhone scored an impressive 803, followed by RIM BlackBerry with a score of 724.
    Incredibly, better than 50% of business users surveyed revealed downloading third-party games to their iPhone for entertainment purposes. Sounds a lot like a contradiction to earlier criticisms about the iPhone not being serious enough for business users, doesn't it?

    Just had to rub that in.
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