• An Interactive iPhone Theme Park?

    Image via Shocktoberfest

    If you're unfamiliar with Shocktoberfest, it's a haunted theme park in Pennsylvania now in its 15th year of operation.

    With attractions that include Hollywood-style computer-controlled special effects and a smorgasbord of horror-themed rides, Shocktoberfest is like Six Flag's "Fright fest" on crack.

    But only beginning Tuesday will the theme park be cool enough for me to actually want to visit. Shocktoberfest is going interactive, thanks to the iphone. And personally, I hope this development sparks a dominant trend in all amusement and theme parks.

    From Reuters:

    Shocktoberfest, Pennsylvania's Premier Haunted Theme Park announces Tuesday their new iScareYou attractions for the 2009 Halloween season.
    Here's how it will work. Visitors at the theme park can interact with both attractions and features via their Apple iPhone. After getting scared yourself, you can scare others by setting off animated props, triggering effects, and - to a considerable degree - manipulating your environment right from your iPhone.

    One of the best ScareZones is found along the queue line of The Toxic Asylum Haunted House. The line winds around a blind corner where an animatronic zombie prop hides just out of sight. A press of the "Boo Button" on an Apple iPhone sends lights flashing and the zombie into the air towards its victim.
    Call me crazy, but I think a development like this - if ultimately successful - could spread like wildfire through the theme park world and, eventually, inspire complete destination-based attractions and amusement parks based on interactive iPhone participation.

    "There's definitely an aspect of voyeurism here," says Patrick Konopelski, Executive Producer of Shocktoberfest, referring to the power that the customers hold in their hands, adding, "to give a customer the ability to scare the wits out of someone else through their cell phone is almost magical."
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