• SmartStart - Start Your Car from your iPhone

    Image via Engadget

    As if just having the iPhone isn't enough to make one look cool, Directed Electronics has introduced a new iPhone app that will make you look cool just getting into your car.

    The app, dubbed Viper SmartStart, enables users to control parts of their Viper SmartStart-enabled vehicle directly from the new iPhone or iPod Touch app.

    Our friends at Engadget put it this way:
    If you already own a compatible Viper security system, the SmartStart module will let lock and unlock your car, arm and disarm your car alarm, pop the trunk, or fire off that panic alarm -- all from your cherished handset.
    As you can imagine, though, looking cool comes at price. Although the app is gratis, you will also need Viper's SmartStart system in your car.

    A new install will run about $499. But you will only have to cough up $299 if your ride already has a Viper alarm system. Of course, you will also need an active subscription to Viper's Smart Start service. If you don't already have the service, your first year will be free. After that, you're looking at $29.99 a year. But at least the app will work wherever you get a 3G signal.

    Jealous of the way those hipper-than-thou ZipCar people are always unlocking the doors to their rented Minis with an iPhone? We aren't either. But if you are looking to recreate that scenario with your Dodge Dart, have we got a gadget for you!
    As if starting your car from your iPhone isn't snazzy enough, imagine a cold winter morning turning into an instantly toasty ride by defrosting your car before you even leave the front door. Here in Chicago a guy like me could use an app like that.

    How about you?
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