• Pepsi's New iPhone App Puts Heat on Apple

    Image via ABC News

    The App Store has certainly shot down less provocative apps than this one, yet the marketing gurus behind Pepsi's new iPhone app managed to squeak this one through.

    Even ABC News had to ask if this app is in poor taste.

    A new iPhone application from Pepsi that claims to help men "score" with women and then brag about it is drawing ire from all corners of the Web.
    Using the hashtag #pepsifail, some folks on Twitter blasted the app but pinned the blame on Apple rather than Pepsi.

    So what's all the controversy about? Essentially, the AMP Up Before You Score app, which is designed to promote Pepsi's new AMP Energy drink, is billed as a "roadmap to success with your favorite kinds of women" that will "change your game and raise your expectations." The app lets you "rank" and "categorize" women according to their personality type or appearance.

    The "smart app" then helps you compile info, determine a good pickup line, and cull assistance from a host of other attributes to help you "score." After the fact, you can even log your experience in a "Brag List."

    But the new app has generated scores of online attacks from blogs, Twitter users and Facebook members. The popular female-focused blog Jezebel called it "unacceptable and ridiculously offensive."
    Should this app be condoned by Apple? That's not for me to decide. But on the basis of some recent apps it has rejected, I think it's safe to say that had this application been submitted by a company or business less powerful than Pepsi, it likely would have never been given the green light. What we're learning about the app approval process - especially this year - is that Apple will ignore its own guidelines when doing business with a particular party is good for Apple. And for Apple, working with Pepsi - which has a great following among young people - certainly isn't bad for business.
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