• Are Verizon's New Commercials iPhone "Attack Ads"?

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    It isn't news, but its making headlines this weekend: Verizon doesn't like AT&T... or Apple.

    And, frankly, Verizon wants us to know it. Consequently, it seems Verizon is behind the launch of what some are calling a blatant "attack ad" on the iPhone that rivals some of the worst political attack ads we've seen in recent years.

    The ”iDevice” is what Verizon is calling the iPhone in the ad.

    From TheiPhoneBlog.com:

    Verizon has now aired their first new Android 2.0-centric, anti-iPhone (technically “iDon’t iDevice”) attack ad and placed a new website online to go with them.
    The campaign has already been rolled out, but if you're yet to see the controversial commercial in question, it will reportedly be featured prominently during Sunday's NFL games.

    Here's Daring Fireball's take:

    “Droid” is going to be a Verizon-owned brand. It’s purportedly a Motorola-manufactured phone, but Verizon is the licensee of the “Droid” trademark. (Which name, by the way, strikes me as the perfect name for an Android OS phone — sort of implicitly establishes it as the Android phone.) That’s the big thing. Verizon doesn’t see itself as a mere carrier for other companies’ phones. It sees itself as being bigger than the phones. It’s Verizon-vs.-Apple in this spot, not Verizon-vs.-AT&T.
    No matter which carrier is behind an "attack ad," I hate to see competition devolve into mudslinging, which is exactly what the "iDevice" mockery add truly is. Instead of emphasizing the quality attributes of a handset or its carrier, this campaign resorts to little more than simply degrading a competitor.

    So what can we glean from these ads? Call me crazy but if Apple should allow their exclusivity deal with AT&T to expire, it's unlikely that the iPhone will find a home at Verizon any time soon.
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