• Apple Giving 4G iPhone a Try on Verizon?

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    If you're thinking this has to be just a rumor (like I think it is) you're not alone. But a lot of people are talking about a claim that has surfaced on various Apple and Mac-related websites.

    This morning, 9to5Mac afforded further coverage to a story that is still developing, but one that suggests a possible collaboration between Apple and Verizon.

    This news, of course, is somewhat suspect as it comes on the heels of Verizon's new Droid campaign that simply eviscerates the iPhone and lays into Apple every bit as much as it does AT&T.

    Verizon may be aggressively targeting Appleís iPhone with its latest Droid ad campaign, but that doesnít mean the company isnít attempting to woo Cupertino, at least so it appears on report the next-gen iPhone is already being tested on Verizonís network.
    The report first surfaced on FoneFrenzy.com and claimed that Verizon Wireless CEO, Lowell McAdam, is no stranger to Cupertino as he has allegedly paid more than a few visits to Apple, adding that "Apple is testing a CDMA iPhone on the Verizon 4G LTE network."
    ďThe tests have been taking place for the last couple of months and but with no confirmation on the release date,Ē this report claims.
    Although it sounds like an out-and-out rumor, you never know. Naturally, it make sense to get on board 4G as quickly as possible, as AT&Tís 3G coverage continues to be weighed down by data demands and unbridled iPhone expansion. If Verizon stays ahead of AT&T on developing a sound 4G infrastructure, it would make smart business sense for Apple to shy away from extending its exclusive agreement with AT&T.

    Are we getting ahead of ourselves with this speculation? Definitely. But - true or false - the web is buzzing today with talk of Apple's rumored beneath-the-radar teamwork with AT&T.

    All this must be put through the other recent claims that Apple and AT&T have hitched up an extension of their existing exclusivity, which could make for no deal detente between Apple and Verizon at this time. Also, we're by no means certain of the veracity of the Fone Frenzy claim.
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