• Starbucks Mobile App Lets You Pay with iPhone

    The Starbucks Card Mobile app now lets you pay for coffee purchases with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Starbucks launched a pilot program to test the system in 2009 and now the payment system is available nation wide. Nearly 6800 retail locations and over 1000 Target stores are now accepting payments via mobile device. No longer will you have to keep track of those multiple gift cards you got for Christmas. As long as you’ve got your iPhone, you’ll always be able to pay for your coffee.

    The Starbucks Card Mobile app has the option of putting in a credit card number or input a gift card number. Your current balance appears on screen when you launch the app. You can also add value to the card using PayPal. If you choose to input a credit card number, however, only the last four digits will appear on screen. The app also features a passcode option for an extra level of security.

    To make a purchase, simply launch the app, then tap the “touch to pay” button and a bar code will pop up for the cashier to scan. The purchase is then automatically deducted from your total balance. After that, feel free to over-caffeinate with a Trenta cappuccino (actually the new Trenta size is only available for cold drinks).

    Some mobile payment systems require the use of a custom RFID chip either imbedded in the mobile device itself or in an attached case. Starbucks has created a system of payment that works with your current mobile phone and doesn’t require the use of any specialize equipment. Hopefully, this system of payment will catch on and more companies will start using it as well. I know that my iPhone is never too far away from me. What could be easier that launching an app to pay for a caramel macchiato on a hot summer day.

    Source: MacWorld
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