• Apple Confirms New Products on The Way

    Image via CNN Money

    Shortly after reporting a 47% rise in fiscal fourth quarter earnings, Apple's Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer spilled the beans on the company's plans for the near future, which - as many suspected - will include new products.

    As covered by Apple Insider, Oppenheimer "explained to analysts that the company is projecting lower growth in future revenues and profit margins due to cheap new products in the company's pipeline."
    In response to questions from Richard Gardner of CitiGroup asking "why gross margin should be down as much as you have it" in the company's future guidance, Oppenheimer answered, "we expect gross margin to decline about 34%."
    Why? The "New products we have and will announce," says Oppenheimer, will "deliver greater value, lower gross margin than predecessors."

    Economic considerations aside, Apple fans are taking away from Oppenheimer's comments that an exciting host of new, somewhat lower-cost products could roll out of Apple's warehouses potentially as soon as this holiday season.

    Naturally, some are deducing from Oppenheimer's remarks that Apple will soon unveil a new tablet computer, building on the hype generated from a host of media outlets that have hinted for months at Apple releasing a new tablet early in 2010. Tablet aside, there is no shortage of other potential new or upgraded products offerings the company could introduce at any time now.

    Apple's latest MacBook introductions this summer scaled down prices dramatically while still delivering high end engineering features, and the company is expected to release significantly cheaper desktop Macs this fall in time for the holiday shopping season.
    It is finally clear after Apple's most successful quarter ever that the company's first and foremost goal for early 2010 will be to push a new slate of offerings that will clearly build on the product lines and services that have already served both the company and the masses so well.
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