• From Books to "Nooks," Barnes and Noble Releases E-Book Reader

    Image via CNET

    Barnes & Noble has officially unveiled its electronic reading device dubbed "Nook."

    The world's largest book retailer is taking direct aim at Amazon's Kindle with this new device. And the launch from B&N takes the e-reading experience to a whole new level - a situation leading some to believe that a competitive struggle could emerge that will eventually draw Apple into the mix.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now, as CNET reported, the Nook has been formally rolled out with a price tag comparable to that of Amazon's latest edition of Kindle.

    As nearly everyone already knows, Barnes & Noble is officially entering the e-reader business on Tuesday with the launch of the Nook, a $259 device with an e-ink display as well as a secondary color touch screen.
    The Nook, which will begin shipping around Thanksgiving, was announced in grand fashion, but the timing of the release could not have come at a worse time. After all, if Barnes & Noble would have had previous knowledge that Apple would be releasing a full slate of new products on Tuesday, it's unlike the book retail giant would have selected the same day to announce Nook's arrival.

    The company plans to push the Nook in its bricks and mortar stores but with heavy mobile marketing aspects. Every time a customer brings their Nook into a Barnes & Noble store, for example, digital coupons and the latest promotions will be sent directly to the cutting edge new reader.

    The Nook supports PDF, uses AT&T's wireless network, and can be customized with photos. "LendMe" technology lets users lend a book for up to two weeks from one Nook to another. 2GB of memory on board with Micro SD slot. Use of touchscreen and Android means new features can be added over time.
    Although the Nook was overshadowed by Apple, a lot of people will be talking about the new e-reader this week and its implications for both the tech and publishing industries in the years ahead.
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