• Windows Mobile Developers Join Verizon for Apple Bashing

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    The Windows Mobile development team has unleashed a subtle but stinging new video that promotes the Windows Marketplace for Mobile at Apple's expense.

    Indirectly addressing the glut of "pointless apps" that line Apple's App Store, the ad gently pokes fun at the superfluous applications that supposedly waste our time and serve little purpose.

    According to Todd Bishop's Microsoft blog at Tech Flash:

    That seems to be the underlying message in this spoof video posted on YouTube today by Microsoft's Windows Mobile Dev team, even though it features fictional Microsoft lab staff, and Apple is never mentioned by name.
    Although Microsoft continues to expand its virtual store's library by leaps and bounds since its October 6th grand opening, the company still offers only a paltry number of apps in comparison to Apple's current whopping catalog of 85,000 applications.

    The parody, however, also chides Apple's recent hypocritical behavior in determining which apps to accept or reject. In the video, the characters suggest ridiculous apps that Microsoft may have also shot down - including apps that shock the owner and create fake mustaches.

    Microsoft is trying to drum up interest in its rival to the App store, dubbed Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which launched earlier this month in conjunction with the Windows Mobile 6.5 release.
    Despite a flurry of recent attacks - including those by Verizon - Apple is largely unaffected. Having posted record quarterly earnings this week and then thrilling Apple fans with a slate of new offerings, the folks at Apple are probably laughing right along with the rest of us at the not-so-gentle jabs that have come flying from all directions.
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