• T-Mobile Android Ads Boost iPhone App Sales

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIASVvzZ2Q8&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - T-Mobile myTouch 3G - Comics[/ame]

    video via T-Mobile

    Israeli iPhone app developer ApParty found their North American sales jumped earlier this month after a T-Mobile Android ad started running showing a lookalike to ApParty’s novelty iPhone app iFog. Now, as AppAdvice reports, a second developer has also noticed a big sales increase and is attributing it to an Android copycat of their iPhone app MouthOff featured in the same ad.

    The T-Mobile ad features celebrities like Chevy Chase and Dana Carvey passing a myTouch 3G Android phone to each other, using different "comics" apps that simulate, for example, cartoon mouths and writing on a steamy window. Viewers, even though they were watching an ad for a rival phone, started searching on iTunes for the apps. The increased traffic even pushed iFog to the top 20 list on the App Store.

    UK developers ustwo™ created MouthOff, which is an app that animates a cartoon mouth based on input from the iPhone or iPod touch 2G/3G built-in microphone. They submitted a review copy of their app to a website that was run by the developer of the copycat app, and later found that the lookalike had been featured in the T-Mobile ad:

    When we investigated we found out that we had actually submitted the first build of MouthOff™ to this guy, as he had a iPhone review site.. obviousely using it purely to rip off apps in android!!!

    Sadly the Android version is a pretty bad copy, with low quality design and animation. Needless to say he has done us a favour as MouthOff™ Android launches any day now!!!
    The sales of MouthOff jumped nearly 50% after the T-Mobile ad aired, as compared to about a 100% increase foriFog.
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