• Will Apple Adopt the "Universal Phone Charger"?

    Image via CNET

    Apple has made it very clear that it wants to go green.

    If that's the case, some are suggesting that Apple may get a "charge" out of the standard for a universal phone charger that has just been approved by the International Telecommunication Union.

    Although it seems highly unlikely that future iPhone/iPod Touch models will be completely revamped to accommodate this "universal" endeavor, many are hopeful that Cupertino will take notice of this development, which, according to a story this weekend on CNET, is aimed at reducing our collective carbon footprint.

    The Universal Charging Solution will enable the creation of one-size-fits-all chargers that can be used on any future phone, according to the ITU. "Universal chargers are a common-sense solution that I look forward to seeing in other areas," Malcolm Johnson, director of ITU's telecommunication standardization bureau.
    If you think the environmental impact of our glut of phone chargers is minimal, think again. It's estimated that the adoption of the universal phone charger could eliminate 51,000 tons of chargers, which translates to approximately 13.6 million tons of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

    Based on Micro-USB, the new chargers will also be energy efficient.
    Obviously, cell phone makers and other tech companies are not required by law to actually do anything with the universal standard adopted. However, Sony Ericsson is already on board. And you just have to expect environmental groups to press the issue with the likes of Apple and Microsoft until they each give a definitive thumbs up... or thumbs down.

    Since phone chargers are such big business, the issue of adopting a universal charger will impact more than just the environment. It will also impact the bottom line for any company that adopts it. And that's exactly why Apple and Microsoft could decide against the universal charger for the time being.
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