• iPhone App Does Battle with Swine Flu

    Helping prepare the world for combat with a potential global Swine Flu pandemic, Harvard Medical School is modifying our iPhone into a full blown anti-Swine Flu device with a little help from their new application - The Swine Flu app.

    Now available for download at a cost of $1.99, the new iPhone app is designed to provide alerts about Swine Flu outbreaks within your geographic proximity.

    From the Washington Post:

    The Swine Flu Application includes videos, animations and text that allow you to learn the basics about swine flu, how to reduce the risk to you and your family, and how to prepare your business for the pandemic. The app also features real-time updates and news from Harvard Med School about H1N1.
    The app also provides a "hot line" guide to help you locate and obtain medical treatment in your community. If you're feeling under the weather, you can even check your symptoms to see if any match those commonly attributed to the H1N1 virus.

    I tested out the app yesterday and am happy to report I appear to free of the illness. However, the app still managed to scare the life out of me with the frightening information it contains.

    A hypochondriac's delight, this application may sound familiar given that it isn't the first of its nature, but this latest mobile offering from Harvard Medical School carries the credibility that can only come from the affiliation with such a prestigious institution.

    The Swine Flu App is part of Harvard Medical School's greater mobile strategy, called HMS Mobile, which aims to deliver a series of iPhone Applications aimed at promoting public health.
    It may be a wee bit of a stretch to say that the new iPhone application can actually save your life or even prevent anyone from actually contracting the illness, but medical experts say knowledge is power when it comes to at least avoiding the virus. And, in this regard, the iPhone app is a great tool for safeguarding our personal well-being.

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